Ontario Property Tax Rebate – (vacancy, etc) – Deadline March 2, 2015!

Ontario Property Owners – commercial or industrial space – deadline for vacant, demolished or renovated space tax rebates is March 2nd, 2015.

If you are the owner or manager of commercial or industrial space which has been vacant, renovated or demolished during 2014, you may be entitled to a municipal property tax rebate.

Certain criteria must be met for eligibility (in summary):

  • Vacant or unfit for occupancy for at least 90 consecutive days
  • Vacancy commenced after October 3, 2013 where vacancy continued in 2014 totaling 90 days or greater
  • Vacant area is clearly delineated and identifiable

A change of ownership during 2014 does not nullify the opportunity, but may require that each owner make application.

The applications for the 2014 tax year must be filed by the owner or representative by March 2, 2015.

EVI is happy to assist all owners/managers with any questions.  Feel free to reach out to us at 416-783-6565 ext 106, or info@equitablevalue.com We can assist you with answers relating to the process and the supporting documentation.